Star Wars Destiny – Locals Tournament Report


This was the second Destiny tournament that we have run at Comic Culture & The Games Store.  Unfortunately I missed the previous one due to illness, so I was looking forward to this one.  

I had a couple of teams already constructed, and decided to go with Count Dooku and Kylo Ren.  The build included most of the blue abilities available, as well as Sith Holocron (of course!), and the very destructive Kylo’s Lightsaber.  It was trying to be a control style deck, with many events that manipulated dice.

The other team I had ready was Jango + 2 Troopers (the deck is still very similar to the one I presented in my article about that team build), but I thought that there would probably already be plenty of Jango Fetts kicking about, so decided to go with something different.

So, how did the tournament go?  I definitely enjoyed myself, but didn’t ending up doing so well, going 1-3.  A couple of the matches that I lost pretty much came down to next hit wins, so I can’t feel too bad about losing those ones.  Here are the tournament results.

Standings After Swiss

Rank Player Team Wins
1st Carl H eFinn + eAckbar 4
2nd Rob P eJango + eVeers 3
3rd Steve 1 eRey + eQui-Gon 3
4th Karl B eVader + Raider 2
5th Dan B eAckbar + Hired Gun + Hired Gun 2
6th Joe D ePhasma + Trooper + Trooper 2
7th Mat B eJabba + eDooku 2
8th Steve 2 eRey + Ackbar + Padawan 2
9th Jamie C Grievous + Bala-Tik + Raider 2
10th Tim P eKylo + eDooku 1
11th Jaydee B eRey + eHan 1
12th Craig R eBala-Tik + Jango + Trooper 0


Karl B (eVader + Raider) beat Carl H (eFinn + eAckbar) 2-1

Rob P (eJango + eVeers) beat Steve 1 (eRey + eQui-Gon) 2-0

Both matches were Heroes against Villains, with the Villains winning both times.


Rob P (eJango + eVeers) beat Karl B (eVader + Raider) 2-0


So the winning team was Jango & Veers, which won’t surprise too many people, but this was Rob P’s (of Cloud City Radio) third tournament win, so it can’t all be lucky dice rolls!

As you can see from the table above, there was a very good mix of characters and factions used (7 Villain / 5 Hero teams, 75% of total available characters used; unused characters were Padme, Poe, Leia, Luke, Rebel Trooper, and Nightsister).

While I personally didn’t do very well, the event was a catalyst for me to dive back into Destiny, as I haven’t played many games recently.  The very next day after the tournament a few of us were creating new decks and playing more games.

We should be doing a tournament every month, so expect more reports.



One thought on “Star Wars Destiny – Locals Tournament Report

  1. Great report Tim. It was my first event for destiny and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wasn’t expecting to do as well as I did going 2-2 with Rey Ackbar & Padawan. Luckily the guys at the store kindly let me borrow the cards I needed as there has been no stock since I got the starter set. Looking forward to the next event and the upcoming release!

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